Thursday, February 10, 2011

You've Got Mail.

I got this movie on DVD for Christmas, because
I was still using the VHS. (Yeah, I'm old school.
I also have a Nintendo 64, it's ok if you're jealous.)
I have not been able to push the stop button!
It's a You've Got Mail marathon everyday.
Which, let me tell you, Mr. Flood  LOVES!!
Ok... only if today is Opposite Day.
I don't know what it is but I love having it on.
If you haven't seen this movie you NEED to.
I hope its cheesiness warms your heart too : )

Soundtrack of the Day:
Dreams by The Cranberries

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adopt a Species.

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that puts fourth
global efforts to help animals and their habitats. 
They are now providing an opportunity for everyone the help!

Adopt of Species
Adopt a Species is a donation program that uses it's profit to aid programs
that help fight threats like habitat loss and poaching.
They have packages ranging from $25 to $250.
They have different endangered species to support and choose from,
anything from giraffes to otters.
With a $50 donation you receive an informational pamphlet,
adoption certificate, WWF drawstring bag,
and stuffed animal of the species you choose!
The stuffed animals are adorable!
These make great gifts for people.
It's also a fun way to support a good cause.

Soundtrack of the Day:
Furr by Blitzen Trapper

Adopt a Species at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calling All Music Lovers!

This is the song that just so happens to exist on each of my playlists in iTunes.
I simply can't stop listening to it. It blows my mind every time.
Lets just say, I'm all about it.
I think any music lover will appreciate it's fabulousness.

Soundtrack of the Day:
40 Day Dream by Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's

(this video is neat-o guys!!!!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Owl Collection

Soundtrack of the Day:
The Birds They Circle by Karen Elson

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Night Together.

Jeans & Sweater: dELiA's, Shirt: Kohl's, Scarf: Old Navy,
Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Socks: Big Lots

We went to The Book Loft for a little fun tonight!
The Book Loft is a bookstore made up of 32 rooms.
The answer is Yes sometimes I got lost there,
but it's best sense of lost you can have.
It is a magnificent asset to have close to home.

When we got home we packed our lunch together.
We always have fun doing this, we joke and laugh, and help each other out.
It's totally a bonding experience.
I know I sound like a lunatic, but you should try it!
It will become a staple in your house too!

The next day when I eat lunch I always get warm fuzzies
thinking about spending time with Mr. Flood,
and can't wait to get home to kiss his face off.
It's better than a kit-kat break.

Soundtrack of the day:
Across the Universe by Fiona Apple

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Music of Our Lives.

Each day I am going to include a song in my post.
A soundtrack of the day, if you will.
It will be a song that I feel expresses the day or
a song I havn't been able to take off repeat.
I listen to about every genre, I love to hear music of all kinds.
So there will be something for everyone to enjoy.
At the end of each month I will pick a Top 10 Playlist.
It will be made up of songs I have acquired over the month.
At the end of the year I will have a yearbook of songs that
I can listen to and relate to life with Mr. Flood.

Dear Mr. Flood,

One day when we are old we will be able to look back and
rejoice, at the life we lived, through music.
It will remind us of our everyday life,
how our souls have changed over the years,
and how much we have grown together.

 Love, Wife

This is us during our first dance at our wedding reception, which also happened to be our first dance ever.
We danced to Sweetheart by Jont

Soundtrack of the Day:
Sweetheart by Jont

Picture c/o Roger Forshey 

A Good Day for Mr. Flood

Yesterday Mr. Flood got a promotion at work!
I'm very proud of him, especially because
he has only been with the company for a short time.
So I decided to surprise him with some congratulations cookies.
So first I went to our handy-dandy kitchen bookshelf for inspiration.

I prepared the ingredients for mixing.

I mixed them up in our new Kitchen Aid mixer.
(So much fun!)

They were baking for 8 minutes.

Then I let them cool for before they got covered in delicious vanilla icing.

Almost Done!!

To finish them off I spelled out C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S in star shaped sprinkles.

I also crafted a cheesy homemade congratulations
card, complete with a stick figure.

Can't wait till he gets home to see!

This is what I was listening too while dancing around my kitchen today....

Soundtrack of the Day:
Little Lovin' by Lissie

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Valentines Day Plan

This will be our first Valentines Day as a married couple!!! Very excited!
So we have come up with a fun plan to get each other unique gifts for the holiday.

We are both going to enter our friendly neighborhood thrift store armed with only 10 dollars.
We will split up for 20 minutes to find each other a fabulous gift.
The gift can't be over 10 dollars and it is supposed to be fun and sentimental.
(I've found estate jewelry and a Coach purse there!)

Then after we have found our V-Day gifts we will proceed home to make fondue and exchange!
This should be interesting!

Hopefully it will end like this....

Can't wait to share what we end up with!!


After 40,000 people worldwide took action against the makers of Lipton tea, Unilever- the world's largest tea maker including the Lipton and PG tips brands—the company has agreed to end all non-required animal testing for their teas and tea-based beverages worldwide!

These companies were conducting cruel tests on innocent animals such as; rabbits, piglets, and mice. To top it off not one of the tests were required by law for beverage makers. Many of those animals now have been spared because of their recent decision to stop animal testing!

Now Lipton is one more company putting a stop to animal testing.
I hope your next cup of tea tastes like victory!

To find out more about how to help animals in need

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Morning Breakfast!

 If you didn't already know Husband is a breakfast genius! Plus there's just nothing like having fun first thing in the morning to make your day great.

He fried up some potatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms

2 eggs for the omelet
Add the yummies on top with a little cheese (and by that i mean a lot of cheese)

Fold that bad boy in half to finish cooking and....


You've got yourself one delicious breakfast!

While we are hanging out in the kitchen this is our jam, so maybe it'll get you in the mood
for an early morning good time.