Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gift of Yarn

Yesterday Mr. Flood worked a 12 hour shift so I didn't get to see him much.
(sad face)
While he was there he told me that he got me a surprise!
(happy face)
I was very excited but had no idea what was going to come of it.
He said it was worth a lot of money and was really big.
He also added that he would have to make several trips to carry it in.
At this point I was about to burst with curiosity and excitement.

When he finally made it home, after stopping to get me some noodle soup.
(I have the best Husband in the world)
He proceeded to inform me that he forgot it at work.
(angry face)
So I went upstairs to pout.
He didn't try to find me!!!!!
So I walked downstairs and there sat 5 totes and a laundry basket.
He tricked me!
Want to know what was in them?????


That's right folks, YARN!
Now he hadn't gone out and bought all of this
it was given to us by Mr.Flood's previous boss.
Sadly her mother had passed away and she wanted this yarn
to go to someone who make good use of it.
I will.
I feel so grateful that she thought of me
and to have inherited all of this yarn.
I feel that this yarn is a blessing and a sign.
Since it was given to me I want to give back to charity.
I am going to use as much of it as I possibly can
to make Snuggles for the Snuggles Project!

It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Soundtrack of the Day:
Shine by Rosi Golan

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