Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Snuggles Project

This year my new years resolution was to be more charitable
and like a true American, I almost immediately forgot.
Then I was flipping through one of my crochet magazines
and something popped out at me.
"The Snuggles Project"

The Snuggles Project is a popular program provided by the non-profit
organization, Hugs for Homeless Animals.
It was founded in 1996 by Rae French because of her
heartfelt need to do something for the innocent victims
who find themselves in animal shelters without
a bit of comfort to call their own.
Picturing them in their hard cold cells made
her heart ache to do something to help.
So she got the idea of security blankets for shelter animals.
The security blankets are called "Snuggles".

In most cases the animals are kept in areas with
stainless steel braces or hard plastic floors.
The Snuggles give the animals something to cuddle in
and feel more at ease during their stay.
The Snuggles can be knitted, crocheted, or even quilted.
They also provided free patterns for each of these genres.

The Snuggles Project is a multi-beneficial project.
It is beneficial to the animals who receive them
for physical and psychological comfort.
It is beneficial to the shelters who can present a more
homey atmosphere and adopt more animals.
It is beneficial to the Snuggle maker who
receives the warm feeling that comes
with doing good work to help others.
Furthermore, the project is a very good project
 for the elderly as it gives them
worthwhile work that they can do to keep them active.
 It is a very good project for kids and people learning
how to crochet, knit or quilt because
the Snuggles don’t have to be perfect.
The animals love them any way they can get them.

All that is required is that they be made with love.

You can report your donations online and
 receive a tax deductible receipt via email.
Most animal shelters will also take donations of
blankets and towels.
They should be clean and in decent condition
when they are received by the shelter.

I have already started on my Snuggles!!
I have also contacted my neighborhood animal shelter
to see which sizes they needed the most.
I am very excited to start helping this wonderful organization!
I hope that this inspires you to be more charitable as well!

Sountrack of the Day:
Satellite Heart by Anya Maria

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