Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey Folks!

I wanted to apologize for falling off the face of the earth! Soo I am Sorry.
We have been busy and distracted
However, things have settled down and we are back on track!
Now we are going to play catch up so you know what's up!!

First thing is first
The Valentines Day results!!!

We decided to make this holiday a little more fun by playing a game.
We both entered the thrift store with 10 dollars and 30 minutes to shop.
The gift was supposed to be fun and little different, lol.

From Mr. Flood I got:

This lovely porcelain duck that I plan to plant flowers in.

This 1st place trophy, cause I'm #1!!!!!!

And this beautiful vintage scarf!

For Mr. Flood I got:

This book about evolution.

These neat- o sunglasses

And this vintage coffee mug from Germany!

I do believe this Valentine's Day was a success. Plus it was lots of fun!!

Next on the List...
I was hired as a Third Key Manger for Claire's, I start next Wednesday!

Third thing....
I have decided to start my own crafting business!!!

I crocheted cozies for all of these coffee cups! 

This is The Hair Doctors Edition and will be for sale at
The Hair Doctors Hair Salon in Sarahsville, Ohio

I have also made some that will be for sale on very soon!!!
I will  be making scarves, pillows, and all kinds of other goodies!
Be sure to check it out!
Soundtrack of the Day:
Rolling in the Deep by Adele

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